Ministry probing possible corruption in Bosnian Embassy in Amman

NEWS 27.09.2019 20:34
Source: N1

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a probe into the way Bosnia’s Embassy in Amman is issuing tourist visas after 50 Iraqi nationals claimed that the embassy issued them such visas for Bosnia in exchange for 1,000 Euro, N1 found out on Friday.

Bosnia deported the 50 Iraqis on Thursday after they arrived on a flight from Istanbul. Authorities suspect they attempted to use Bosnia as a transit country on their way toward western Europe.

“The Iraqi nationals had tourist visas for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were annulled after it was found that they could not justify the reason for their stay in Bosnia,” the Border Police said.

The Iraqi nationals were sent back to Istanbul swiftly, and authorities believe that their intention was to use Bosnia as a transit country to illegally migrate to EU countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told N1 it asked Bosnia’s Embassy in Amman for detailed information about visas it issued for the Iraqi nationals, adding that it is “opposed to any type of corruption.”

The Ministry also called upon other institutions to get involved in the case in order to figure out whether an institution or individual might be liable.