Interior Minister: It is frustrating that police officers' murderers are free

NEWS 26.10.2019 11:49
Source: N1

Sarajevo Canton Interior Minister Admir Katica finds it frustrating that murderers of Sarajevo's two police officers are still free but he is optimistic about the investigation and bringing the perpetrator(s) to justice.

Speaking to N1, a year after a shooting in Sarajevo's Alipasino neighbourhood which left two police officers dead, the minister said the police are resolute in finding the murderers and bringing them to justice for adequate punishment.

“A year later, objectively speaking, we have to admit it is much harder but it doesn't mean we will stop,” he stressed.

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“It is frustrating to know that someone is free after shooting two police officers, who are the symbol of the state. It is frustrating but it doesn't mean we should escape the responsibility and do everything we can to complete the investigation, at least as far as the police are concerned,” said Katica.

Police representatives unveiled today a memorial at the site of the shooting in honour of the two policemen.

“We also posthumously delivered the Golden Badges to their families, to honour in this way our colleagues and their work as the Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry's policemen,” said Katica.