Romanians admit smuggling people at Bosnia-Croatia border

NEWS 01.11.2019 10:52
Source: N1

Two nationals of Romania signed the plea agreement with Bosnia's state prosecutor for financial crime and corruption after the police caught them in an attempt to illegally transfer two Pakistanis over the border with Croatia earlier this year.

Danut-Ovidel Cicio and Denisa-Daniela Cozma admitted obtaining illegal material gain on October 1, when they tried to illegally transport two nationals of Pakistan from Bosnia to Croatia but were caught and prevented from doing that by the police officers at the Izacic border crossing.

In line with the plea agreement, prosecutors proposed a two-year prison for the Romanians but only if they commit another crime within three years. The prosecutors also ordered a 5,000 Euro fine for Cicio and 4,000 Euro for Cozma.

The plea agreement stipulates the fine payment before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina renders a final verdict in this case.

By signing the deal, the suspects waived the right to stand a trial and the right to appeal to the judgement the court is to say.