Walter Defends Sarajevo Museum grants free entry to all visitors

NEWS 02.11.2019 11:51
Source: N1

The Sarajevo Film Centre and the “Walter Defends Sarajevo” Museum will open the museum's doors to visitors within the “BiH Film's open doors,” allowing free entry to everyone.

It will be an opportunity for everyone to visit the museum and for tourist guides to hear the story behind the museum, the famous film “Walter Defends Sarajevo,” its director Hajrudin Shibi Krvavac, originally from Bosnia, and the legendary Walter – Vladimir Petrovic. Visitors will also get acquainted with Sarajevo's anti-fascist tradition.

The Sarajevo Film Centre will also organise screenings of the most significant films of Bosnia's cinematography, like the documentaries “The Story About a Lake”, by Gojko Sipovac, “Sping in My City” by Ziko Ristic, “The Swabian Tradition and the Bosnische Society” by Branko Ranitovic, Muhamed Karamehmedovic and Zuko Dzumhur, “The Final Circle” by Pjer Majhovski, and “My Cousin Pip and I” by Mustafa Kapidzic.

The organisers will also screen some feature films, like “Little Soldiers” by Bata Cengic, “Frame for the Photo of My Darling” by Mirza Idrizovic “Walter Defends Sarajevo” by Hajrudin Shibo Krvavac, and the “Love and Rage” by Bakir Tanovic.

The program is organized as a token of gratitude to the citizens of Sarajevo and the general public, which gives great support to the Sarajevo Film Center and the Walter Defends Sarajevo Museum in their efforts to preserve the property, as well as the archives of the Bosnian film which is in possession of an invaluable cultural heritage.