Croatian President says will outline agenda for her second term on November 11

NEWS 03.11.2019 12:49
Source: N1

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic told the N1 commercial broadcaster on Sunday that she would present the agenda for her second term on 11 November.

Grabar-Kiatrovic won her first five-year term on 11 January 2015 and Croatia is to hold presidential elections in late December.

Considering the N1 reporter's remark that at the start of her first term she said that Croatia would become one of the most prosperous countries, Grabar-Kitarovic explained that she had not said then that Croatia would become the most prosperous during her five year's term but that she believed that it could happen and that efforts should be directed towards that goal.

“Economic indicators are (now) better. However, that has not yet been transposed into the lives of people. I want people to live a better life and that they can feel (those economic results) in their wages. This is realistic and possible and this will be proposed in my next agenda,” the president said.

As for her statement about former Communist Yugoslavia and having been born on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain and the reporter's comment that she, nevertheless, attended the last year of her secondary education in the USA, Grabar-Kitarovic said that she had managed to finish her secondary education in the USA thanks to the hard work of her father who was a butcher.

Considering Josip Broz Tito who was at the helm of the Socialist Yugoslav federation, until his death in 1980, Grabar-Kitarovic described him as an intelligent man “and when he saw that Yugoslavia was going to ruin economically and that the people would start revolting, he began to give in gradually.”