Europe's ID-Judo champion Azra Dedic has her dream come true

NEWS 07.11.2019 15:40
Source: N1

Europe’s ID-Judo champion, Bosnian Azra Dedic, had one of her biggest dreams come true on Thursday - she got to meet with Serbian singer Marija Serifovic who won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

Dedic (25) has Down syndrome. In October, she took gold at the European Judo special needs competition for participants under 70 kg in Cologne, Germany.


Serifovic found out that Dedic is a big fan of her and travelled to Sarajevo to surprise her at a press conference.

As Dedic spoke to reporters, she saw Serifovic entering the room and greeted her, calling her a “legend”. The two hugged, and Dedic said she would have preferred if there were no cameras around so they could chat alone.

“I saw one of her interviews and when I found out that she considers herself to be a superhero, I knew she was someone special,” Serifovic said.

The Serbian singer told Dedic that from that moment onward they are friends and that she will be available to her whenever needed.

“This is the least I can do in my life,” Serifovic said, thanking all those who made the meeting possible.

Dedic and Serifovic then sang together.