Twelve people arrested in alleged football match fixing bust

NEWS 11.11.2019 12:54
Source: SIPA / Ilustracija

The number of people arrested on Monday over suspicion that they were involved in fixing football matches in the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is now 12, state police confirmed to N1.

Police have conducted raids at five locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the towns of Samac, Orasje and Novi Travnik.


The alleged crimes are related to illegal activities by football managers, Football Association officials and referees.

“The investigation found that the suspects repeatedly requested and received certain sums of money in order to influence a favourable result for a particular football club,” the Prosecutor's Office said.”

Although the alleged corrupt activities affect the football association in the Federation, one of the two semi-autonomous regions in the country, the affair has “caused immeasurable damage to football overall in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina said.

“The Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina unreservedly supports the actions and activities of all law enforcement agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in detecting illicit and corrupt acts by both individuals and organized groups,” it said.