Bosnia's Presidency Chairman to Macron: Your statement on Bosnia is incorrect

NEWS 12.11.2019 14:46
Source: Predsjedništvo BiH

The Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, said on Tuesday that he told French President Emmanuel Macron that his recent statement that Bosnia is a “ticking time-bomb” has caused an uproar in the country.

Komsic is currently in Paris, attending the Second Paris Peace Forum.


The Presidency Chairman was referring to an interview Macron gave the Economist last week.

“If you're concerned about this region, the first question is neither Macedonia, nor Albania, it's Bosnia and Herzegovina. The time-bomb that's ticking right next to (the EU member) Croatia, and which faces the problem of returning jihadists,” Macron said, referring to escaped or released Islamic State fighters who could return to Europe.

“I used that opportunity yesterday at the ceremony at the Elysee Palace,” Komsic said, explaining that he stayed a bit longer on the red carpet on Monday evening to tell Macron that his recent statements on Bosnia was incorrect and “caused a lot of upset in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

He added that he agreed with Macron to discuss the issue at a later time, possibly on Tuesday.