Heavy rain floods Vucjak camp, migrants are desperate

NEWS 17.11.2019 12:03
Source: N1

Heavy rain flooded the migrant camp Vucjak this weekend, and the hundreds of migrants staying there are desperate.

Camp Vucjak is located near the northeastern town of Bihac, one of the towns the migrant crisis affected the most.


N1 spoke to the migrants as they were trying to fix the damage.

“We were abandoned by the IOM (International Organisation for Migration), by the United Nations. Where is the UN? I think they are sleeping. It is very cold now,” said Sabir Ahadmi, from India.

Among the mud and the puddles, the migrants light fires to warm up. They told N1 they do not have enough water. The Red Cross in Bihac brings them two meals daily.

The winds and rain also destroyed an improvised mosque the migrants put together months ago so they have a place to pray. They said they have to fix it so they can once again pray for a better tomorrow and to reach the EU.

“We didn’t sleep all night. When we woke up we saw that the wind was blowing away our tents. That was happening all night. Everything is damaged,” said Abdulah, from Afghanistan.

Abdulah’s brother, Irfan, is 10 years old and is one of the youngest at the camp.

The two tried to cross the border to Croatia several times, without success. They complained about the Croatian police.

Irfan has a dream:

“I want to be like other children. I want to learn and one day become an engineer. And to return to my Afghanistan someday in the future.”

A group of migrants from Pakistan told N1 they need winter clothes. Their tent was destroyed the night before.

“I am fixing our awning. It was raining heavily yesterday evening and it broke all of this. Twenty people are sleeping here,” said Kasif, from Pakistan.

As winter is approaching, the migrants are facing more and more problems.

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres – MSF) urged recently urged Bosnia’s authorities to close Vucjak centre because of the conditions, adding that it is only a matter of time before migrants start dying there.