MP unveils shocking photos of residents in home for mentally challenged patients

NEWS 20.11.2019 11:41
Source: N1

MP in the Parliament of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity called for urgent dismissal of the management in the home for mentally challenged children near Sarajevo, after she unveiled shocking photos showing the patients, mostly children, tied to beds and other pieces of furniture.

Sabina Cudic, the Our Party representative, who delivered the photos to media outlets, said this is how the patients spend most of the time which causes injuries and serious deterioration of their mental health.

“After I sent a request to the Government and competent ministry for urgent dismissal of members of supervisory and steering board (in the ‘Pazaric’ home), who kept their posts from the previous term, and after the Committee for Labour and Social Protection in the FBiH House of Representatives failed to discuss the delivered material due to the lack of quorum, I decided to inform the Parliament and public today about the evidence of the horrible treatment of the residents,” she said addressing a press conference.

Cudic called on the House of Representatives to declare on the issue she named “a modern-era slavery” and asked the ministry in charge to dismiss the management.

“The Prosecution must speed up the investigation,” said Cudic, who will send in parliamentary procedure the conclusions concerning the issue.