House of Rep. adopts amendments allowing for its unhindered work

NEWS 20.11.2019 15:19
Source: N1

Bosnia's House of Representatives adopted draft amendments to the Rules of Procedure of this House on Wednesday, which would remove all future obstacles for the work of this institution.

The proponents of these amendments, Mirko Sarovic, Dragan Mektic from the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) and Branislav Borenovic and Mira Pekic from the Party of Democratic Progress (PSP), both opposition parties from the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity, said that they would provide for the faster formation of the State government.  

The amendments stipulate that should the House fail to decide on the appointment of members of commissions of this House, it will discuss the appointments to its commissions in accordance to the Article 30 of the Rules of Procedure, as suggested by the House Board. 

Twentysix representatives voted in favour of these amendments for which Mirko Sarovic said they are “neither contrary to the Constitution nor any of the competent entity laws.

It allows the House to work non-stop.” The amendments serve to avoid future situations where the House of Representatives would not be in session for 11 months,” Sarovic said.

After the October 2019 general election, the House of Representatives failed to appoint its permanent commissions thus hindering the formation of the government and the normal work and performance of the basic legislative function of the House, Mira Pekic said.

Following the adoption of these amendments, the House appointed members of the Commission for the election of the Council of Ministers which serves ad the Bosnian government.