Bosniak Presidency member: Those trying to divide this country will not succeed

NEWS 21.11.2019 19:54
Source: N1

Bosnia’s people need justice and peace, the Bosniak member of the country’s tripartite Presidency said on Thursday on the 24th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the 1992-1995 war, adding that those policies which are still trying to divide Bosnia will never succeed.

“The people in this country need peace, justice. A system which guarantees rights for all and offers hope to the people that they will be able to ensure a normal life for themselves and their children. It is time to stop trying to change the constitutional framework with irrational obstructions,” he said at a reception ahead of Bosnia's Statehood Day, which will be marked on November 25.

That there are policies present in Bosnia’s political scene which still work toward dividing the country, he said, sending the message to those behind such efforts that “this is a futile waste of time” and that it will never work.

The division of Bosnia is not possible to achieve, but only “political instability which chases away investors, and nobody needs that,” he stressed.

“Instead, let us turn to dialogue, truth, justice and mutual respect,” he added.

“We have shown many times that we can reach an agreement, a compromise, and find solutions in institutions which will not damage anyone. We all need to pull ourselves out of this template according to which someone has to be the winner, and someone else has to lose. A compromise can only be a victory for all of us, a victory for Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he concluded.