Rescuers from region searching for earthquake victims in Albania (VIDEO)

NEWS 28.11.2019 15:12
Source: N1

Teams of rescuers from North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have arrived in Albania to help the local authorities deal with the consequences of the devastating earthquake which hit the country Tuesday early morning and left, according to the latest information, 40 dead.

N1's crew reports from Durres, where the teams from neighbouring countries are searching the rubble at the sites where buildings collapsed following the quake.

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 “We were at many locations in Durres. Since the first night when we arrived, we immediately started the search. We entered one building where we, unfortunately, found one dead person,” said chief of the firefighting unit from North Macedonia, Uk Aliti.

After a series of seismic rumblings that followed after the Tuesday 6.4 magnitude earthquake, Albania recorded a 5.1 magnitude quake on Thursday.