Rescuers found a 33-year-old Albanian man under the rubble (VIDEO)

NEWS 29.11.2019 14:33
Source: N1

A thirty-three-year-old man was rescued in the earthquake-struck Albanian town of Durres, two ways after a devastating earthquake.

Rescuers from Albania, Turkey, Kosovo, Serbia, Greece and other countries are attempting to find survivors underneath the ruins caused by a 6.4 magnitude Richter scale earthquake on Tuesday.

Search and rescue dogs are also deployed on all scenes to help the rescuers.

According to the final count by Albanian authorities, the death toll after the earthquake rose to 49, and this is not the final number.

Whole families died after being trapped under the rubble. Thousands are sleeping in the open, sheltered only by tents set up by the authorities.

The most devastated cities are Durres, Tirana and Thumane.