Dodik donates 100,000 BAM toward construction of Islamic Center in Doboj

NEWS 11.12.2019 19:20
Source: Srna

The Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency donated 100,000 Bosnian Marks toward the construction of an Islamic centre in the northern town of Doboj on Wednesday, telling reporters that Republika Srpska (RS, the Serb-majority part of the country) is committed to peace, stability and equal rights for all citizens.

“Cooperation between religious communities in Doboj is good and there is no reason for it to not continue. We all need good cooperation to maintain peace and stability,” Dodik told reporters in Doboj after visiting the site where the Islamic centre is being built.

“I am satisfied with the progress in cooperation because only in that way can we maintain our way of life, peace and stability,” he added.

City authorities also contributed to the construction, said Doboj Mayor Boris Jerinic.

“I am sure that this centre will be completed for the well-being of all citizens. This will be an education centre, and good cooperation is a characteristic of Doboj and we will maintain it,” he said.

The Chief Imam in Doboj, Bajro Dzafic, thanked Dodik also thanked Dodik.

“I am thankful to Dodik and authorities in Doboj for the help they are providing us. The Islamic centre will be good for all citizens,” Dzafic said.