UK: Boris Johnson’s Conservatives on course for huge victory, exit poll projects

NEWS 12.12.2019 23:25
Source: Tolga AKMEN / AFP

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is on course for a huge majority in Parliament, according to an exit poll from the UK’s three main broadcasters.

The projections will be a big disappointment for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and suggest Johnson will be able to pass his Brexit deal comfortably.

The exit poll is usually fairly accurate but a lot can still change as the night progresses and actual results begin to come through.

The exact seat numbers from the exit poll predict a huge Conservative win. 326 seats are needed for an outright majority in Parliament, which has 650 seats.

Conservatives: 368 (+50 on the 2017 election)

Labour: 191 (-71)

SNP: 55 (+20)

Liberal Democrats: 13 (+1)

Plaid Cmyru: 3 (-1)

A handful of smaller parties have also been projected to pick up seats.

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