Where is Ilaf, the 'freezing migrant girl', today? (PHOTO)

NEWS 13.12.2019 20:31
Source: N1

A little migrant girl whose photo of her sleeping on a backpack on a freezing, wet field has shaken the region is now, a year later, well and lives in Sondershausen, Germany.

Together with her parents, three sisters and two brothers, Ilaf travelled for two years to the EU from Iraq, via Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Bosnia. She slept in forests and on the streets.


N1 spoke to the family last year at the ‘Sedra’ migrant centre near the northwestern town of Bihac.

Ilaf’s father, Abdurahman, said that his only wish was for his family to reach a country “where his children will have a future.”

“Italy, Germany, Austria – wherever,” he said at the time.

Ilaf did not forget N1 reporter Adisa Imamovic since then.

“I am sister Ilaf. Now I am in Germany. How are you? Is everything OK?” the little girl asked Imamovic in a recent phone call.

Ilaf said she is happy and that she is going to a local kindergarten together with her youngest brother, Said.

Most importantly, she is finally safe.