German diplomat: Nationalist forces that stole Bosnia's future are still strong

NEWS 17.12.2019 19:40
Source: N1

The situation in Bosnia is a bit sad because the nationalist forces that stole from the country some 30 years ago are still pretty strong, former principal deputy High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Michael Steiner, told N1 in an exclusive interview.

Speaking to N1's Esmir Milavic, he revealed what he thinks about the international community and where it erred when it set up the Office of the High Representative and whether the official should use the Bonn powers.

Speaking of this year's Nobel Prize laureate for Literature, Peter Handke, Steiner said Handke is, without a doubt a good writer, but that the Prize is also a wrong signal from Stockholm.

But the German diplomat noted that there are some positive and encouraging economic signals. Everything comes down to that, he said. The goal is to get Bosnia moving towards Europe and to reaffirm its EU perspective, Steiner noted.

The entire interview with Michael Steiner can be seen in the video above.