Security Ministry calls for joint action on migrant crisis

NEWS 18.12.2019 10:08
Source: N1

To mark International Migrants Day, Bosnia’s Security Ministry on Wednesday called on the European Union and regional countries to take over responsibility and work together on resolving the migrant issue, the Anadolu Agency reported.

“We call on the EU and regional countries to jointly take up responsibility and activities on resolving the issue of migrations, curbing migrant smuggling and human trafficking, to improve the situation for the migrants and the local communities which are exposed to migration pressures,” the Security Ministry said.

The Ministry thanked all the government and non-government organisations, as well as international organisations in the country for their support and help in securing protection for the migrants and managing migrant flows.

It reminded that Bosnia’s priorities for achieving better migrant flow management were presented through five priorities which treat better border management, a more efficient battle against illegal migration on Bosnia’s territory and strengthening readmission capacities.

“Also, the priorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina show a commitment for the implementation of international law regarding human rights and international refugee rights, as well as preventing migrant smuggling,” the Ministry said, adding that there is a need for “close cooperation with local communities which are exposed to increased migrant pressure as well as the strengthening of the state bodies for managing migrations in Bosnia.”

The state has an obligation to “protect its own citizens as well as to have a system which regulates migration issues set up,” it said.

The UN General Assembly has in 2000 declared December 18 the International Migrants Day. It was the day when, ten years earlier, the Convention on Migrant Workers and their Families was adopted.

“Migrations have become a global phenomenon and according to the latest data by the UN, migrants make up 3,5 percent of the world’s population,” the Ministry said.