Sarajevo to honour three diplomats, a Bosnian Serb for contributing to freedom

NEWS 18.12.2019 12:49
Source: za N1

Sarajevo's Centre Municipality announced it would set up statues to commemorate four persons who gave an immense contribution to freedom of Bosnia and Herzegovina and were true friends of this country, municipal authorities said on Monday.

Late foreign diplomats Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Paddy Ashdown and Alois Mock as well as Srdjan Aleksic, a Bosnian Serb remembered for saving the life of a Bosniak in the 1992-1995 war, will get a spot in an alley at Sarajevo's Ciglane neighbourhood. Renowned sculptor Enes Sivac will build their statues there.

“We must not forget the ones who gave their contribution to the freedom of our country and the ones who devoted their working life to the preservation of integral and sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is our modest contribution to the culture of memory,” Municipality Head Nedzad Ajnadzic said after he signed a contract with Sivac, who will complete the work by the end of the year.

Preserving the memory of true patriots and sincere friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of immense importance, said Ajnadzic.