Germany donates €660,000 for renovation of Blazuj migrant centre

NEWS 18.12.2019 16:15
Source: Ambasada Njemačke u BiH

The German government has provided €660,000 for the equipment of the Blazuj migrant centre near Sarajevo, German Ambassador Margret Uebber said Wednesday, visiting the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) team working on the centre's adaptation.

“I'm glad that the THW is in Blazuj so they could use their technical expertise to renovate the centre. With this help, Germany took the burden of the local authorities and contributed to adequate accommodation of migrants and refugees in Bosnia,” Uebber said.

The measures implemented by the THW – the German civil protection organisation are: providing the Blazuj centre which houses some 370 migrants, with running water and electricity, instalment of proper plumbing and heating systems and fixing individual facilities and their roofs.

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The measures are implemented in close cooperation with the local authorities and state institutions, as well as the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM), and they should be completed by January 2020.

Earlier this month the authorities dismantled the Vucjak migrant centre where migrants lived in inhumane conditions, with no heat, running water or any kind of protection from the element. It consisted only of tents and with every rain, the centre flooded. of the 700 migrants situated there, 350 were relocated to the Blazuj barracks near Sarajevo where the Security Minister said conditions are best of all the centres in the country.