Prosecution: Bosnian citizens deported from Syria placed in detention

NEWS 19.12.2019 19:55
Source: N1

The deported Bosnian citizens who were deported from Syria Thursday, under the suspicion of participating in foreign battlefields and joining terrorist organisations, were placed in detention, the Prosecution said.

The Prosecution said they conducted all the activities in line with Bosnia's laws and international obligations that the transfer of several Bosnian citizens suspected of terrorism, was conducted in cooperation with the Border Police, Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the State Security Ministry, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), Sarajevo Canton's Interior Ministry and the US Embassy.

According to them, the State Court issued international arrest warrants for several of them.

After deportation, the Prosecution said they will continue to work on their processing.

Several Bosnian citizens, suspected terrorists and their families were deported Thursday night from Syria back to Bosnia. The authorities said earlier that a group of 24 individuals could be deported.

After they undergo a medical examination, the Prosecution said they will be detained awaiting further procedure.