Security Ministry: Six women, 12 children and seven men deported from Syria

NEWS 19.12.2019 20:34
Source: N1 / Ilustracija

Six women, 12 children and seven men, all Bosnian citizens, were deported from Syria Thursday evening, Bosnia's Security Ministry confirmed, adding that women and children were transported to a reception centre for medical examination, while the men were handed over to the Prosecution.

The Ministry confirmed that the seven men were members of terrorist organisations in Syrian and Iraqi battlefields and that they were all handed over to the Prosecution for further processing.

They noted many competent institutions, ministries, police and security agencies in the country, as well as international partners, worked intensively on their arrival from Syria over the past several months. Bosnia's health and social services also contributed to this cooperation.

The Security Ministry thanked all the institutions and international partners, especially the US Embassy and Government for their cooperation, adding that they will continue to jointly monitor the situation in Syrian camps where more Bosnian women, children and men are located.