Migrants break bus doors in Sarajevo, company says they cause many problems

NEWS 24.12.2019 11:49
Source: GRAS

A group of migrants attempted to violently enter a bus in Sarajevo suburb Binjezevo, breaking the glass door in the process, Sarajevo Canton's public transport company GRAS said Tuesday.

“A group of migrants attempted to violently enter a bus on Monday, breaking the glass door in the process,” GRAS said adding that they face everyday problems with migrants avoiding to pay for the fare, destroying doors on their vehicles and often fighting verbally and physically which is why police had to intervene on several occasions.

“All this diminishes the safety of our passengers but also the safety of the public transportation system. It also causes crowds to form at bus and tram stops,” GRAS added, noting that this especially relates to public transport on the outskirts of Sarajevo.

The company said this is a serious problem demanding a serious solution.

“This is a serious problem which requires a serious approach to solving it. We wrote about it to the Cantonal Transport Ministry and made several contacts with competent institutions in an attempt to avoid similar situations in the future,” GRAS concluded.