NATO HQ: We look forward to engaging with Bosnia's government early next year

NEWS 24.12.2019 15:38
Source: N1

NATO headquarters in Brussels welcomed the delivery of Bosnia and Herzegovina's 'Reform Programme' which the country's authorities sent on Monday, spokesperson Piers Cazalet told N1, adding that the alliance looks forward to engaging with Bosnian authorities based on that document.

“The Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO has handed over the Bosnia and Herzegovina Reform Programme document outlining the Government’s reform programme. We look forward to engaging with the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the basis of this document early in the New Year,” said Cazalet.

The State tripartite Presidency sent on Monday via Bosnia and Herzegovina's Mission to NATO a document named ‘Reform Programme’, which was adopted the last month. The Serb leadership was rejecting the adoption of what was initially called the Annual National Programme (ANP) as it was considered to bring the country closer to the NATO membership, which they strongly object and follow Serbia's stance on this matter. 

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But, after months of negotiations, the collective head of state adopted a document called ‘Reform Programme’ which led to immediate government formation at the state level, more than a year after Bosnia held the general election.

“NATO has supported reforms and helped build capabilities that benefit the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years, and we will continue to do so for the benefit of all citizens of the country,” said the NATO spokesperson.