RS Interior Minister to opposition MP: We'll see each other in Court

NEWS 26.12.2019 13:25
Source: N1

After Drasko Stanivukovic, the opposition MP in Bosnia's Serb-majority region Republika Srpska (RS) filed criminal charges against the RS Interior Minister Dragan Lukac for slapping him, Lukac said, Thursday “Everything's a lie. We'll see each other in Court.”

“(He is) someone who tried to provoke such a situation and conflicts the whole day, and succeeded in doing so with his actions, but there were many witnesses who can confirm everything. His injury sheet doesn't exist at all. If you had the chance to see it, you could have seen that there were no injuries,” Lukac told the reporters. “Everything else is a lie. We'll see each other in Court.”

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During Tuesday's special session on Bosnia's NATO accession, in the RS parliament, Lukac from the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) slapped Stanivukovic, the opposition MP who is a member of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP). Lukac argued he felt threatened and had to defend himself.