Council of Ministers in the first meeting, plans to open sessions for public

Source: Anadolija

The sessions of Bosnia's Council of Ministers (CoM) will be open for public from now on, the state government decided on Monday at the first session held after the appointment of new ministers.

“It is our commitment to make the sessions of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina open for public. We don't have technical or procedural options at this moment, but we decided to do so. We tasked the Secretary-General Office to offer within 60 days a technical solution and best practice related for open sessions, the same way as it is done in our region and Europe,” said Chairman Zoran Tegeltija.

According to him, this decision will benefit the citizens and media the most.

Newly appointed ministers approved the temporary financing decision for the period January-March 2020 in the amount of 241.5 million marks (approx. 122 million Euros), and the decision will be in effect until the 2020 budget is adopted.

The ministers also green-lighted the allocation of 14.5 million marks (approx 7.2 million Euros) for the construction of Bratunac-Ljubovija bridge, which will connect Bosnian and Serbian territories on Drina river.

As for the Svilaj border crossing connecting Bosnia and Croatia, the Council of Ministers tasked the Indirect Tax Administration to start the construction works.

“The funds for that purpose have been secured earlier. It is necessary to secure an additional seven million marks to finish the Svilaj border crossing construction in the upcoming period,” said Tegeltija.

The Council of Ministers also adopted a conclusion on the appointment of Bosnia's representative to the international financial institutions.

“We appointed the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We appointed governors and deputy governors. We agreed that governors will be the Chairman and Deputy Chairpersons. Vjekoslav Bevanda will act as the governor with the EBRD, Bisera Turkovic with the World Bank and I will be the governor with the IMF,” said the Chairman.

The state government agreed to sign 140 million Euro worth contract for the construction of the VC Corridor.

“It is a contract that Bosnia and Herzegovina is signing with the European Investment Bank, and t is aimed for the Corridor VC construction, its so-called middle part on the Poprikusa-Nemila and Tarcin-Ivan sections,” said Tegeltija.

The 2020 draft budget is still being prepared and is likely to be ready by end of January, he added.

(EUR 1 = 1.95 Bosnian marks)