Prosecution files corruption charges against Bosnia's former Security Minister

NEWS 30.12.2019 15:31
Source: N1

Bosnia's Prosecution has filed charges against former Security Minister Dragan Mektic, and three other Ministry employees for abuse of office and high-level corruption, the Prosecution said on Monday.

After conducting an investigation, the Prosecution said they filed charges against Dragan Mektic, Igor Golijanin, Samir Agic and Edina Garaplija for complicity in the crime of abuse of office which led to high-level corruption, damaging Bosnia's international reputation.

The Prosecution noted they have evidence that the four suspects abused their position when implementing the cross-border cooperation agreement in the field of firefighting worth €198,454.51, which was financed by the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They claim that the suspects gained illegal material gain in the amount of some €125,000 by violating the procurement procedure.