Bosnian charity helps Syrian migrant to recover from accident and walk again

Source: Anadolija

A Syrian migrant, whose both legs were severely injured in a train accident in Bosnia this year and had to be cut off, will be able to walk again - using prosthetic legs.

20-year-old Abdulrahman and his brother Muhammed fled war-torn Syria years ago and, after a period spent in Turkey, they decided to reach European Union via Bosnian route. But, the plan was interrupted last month when Abdulrahman experienced a tragic accident as he tried to jump on a moving train near the Bosnian eastern town Zvornik.

Both of his legs were smashed and he suffered head injuries too.

The Syrian was admitted to Zvornik hospital where doctors had to amputate his legs.

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 Since the brothers had no place to stay when Abdulrahman was released from the hospital, a Sarajevo-based charitable organisation ‘’ launched a campaign to help the Syrians and find them shelter but also to help Abdulrahman walk again.

“What happened to this man was a big tragedy and as soon as we learned about his situation, we promised that he would leave Bosnia on foot and in the meantime he would get all the help he needs. We paid for his prosthetic legs a few days ago and we rented an apartment on Friday where he moved on Monday. We are using this opportunity to thank everyone who decided to help with their donations to this man who fled war-torn Syria and who was injured in a train accident in the distant Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said ‘’ representatives.