CJ Werleman: China is committing ethnic cleansing of Uyghur minority

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"What will it take before the international community does anything meaningful to pressure China into ending what has become the world’s largest industrial-scale persecution of a religious minority since the Holocaust?," states awarded investigative journalist, CJ Werleman, in his November 26 article.

“Will it take photographs of dead bodies piled on top of each other? Or satellite footage of chimney stacks spewing the smoky remains of gassed Muslim concentration camp detainees into the atmosphere,” Werleman continues.

Little that World knows is ‘The tale of torture in Chinese internment camps for Uyghurs’, the testimony by Mihrigul Tursun documented by Christopher Connell.

This young Uyghur mother says she was tortured and subjected to other brutal conditions in one of the “re-education” camps in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Province where, according to the State Department, China has sent between 800,000 to possibly over 3 million Muslims since April 2017.

At a November 26 event at the National Press Club in Washington, Tursun recounted her horrifying experience in one of China’s camps earlier in 2018. She was drugged, interrogated for days without sleep, and strapped in a chair and jolted with electricity. It was her third time being sent to a camp since 2015. Tursun told reporters that she remembers interrogators telling her: “Being an Uyghur is a crime.”

Tursun was first taken into custody and separated from her infant triplets for three months in 2015. That’s when she arrived in China to introduce her new children to her family. She came from Egypt, where she had studied and married. When she was finally released from custody, one of her infant children had died, and the other two were gravely ill. The surviving brother and sister were tube-fed and underwent surgeries, she said.

CJ Werleman spoke to N1's Ika Ferrer Gotić on her ‘Year in Review’ show when they discussed persecution of the Uyghur minority, India's new citizenship law, Israel – Palestine relations, Syrian War and the Middle East turmoil.