'Michael Jackson was and still is innocent, don't be irresponsible'

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In the wake of HBO's documentary, Dan Reed's 'Leaving Neverland' where two alleged accusers, Wade Robson, James Safechuck and their families, testify over alleged events that happened growing up with pop icon, Michael Jackson, young director Danny Wu and his "Square One MJ" could be a complete game-changer.

MJCast news site states:

“Square One” is the Michael Jackson documentary we need now. It has been a tough year for the worldwide Michael Jackson fan community in the wake of “Leaving Neverland”. With celebrities like Oprah Winfrey hopping onto Dan Reed’s bandwagon, and almost all mainstream media purposely stifling any voice in protest of the film, or even any voice of reason, many fans have been left feeling hopeless. A select few podcasters, YouTubers, and media personalities have created great content countering “Leaving Neverland” but, as of yet, nothing has truly managed to get mainstream, lasting attention. And while the fan community awaits Taj Jackson’s docuseries, that project is still a long ways off. But the tide may be changing. Just this month, three documentaries have been released in support of Michael Jackson (all of which The MJCast team discuss: ‘Chase the Truth’, ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’, and most importantly, ‘Square One’ by Danny Wu.”

Danny Wu spoke to  N1's Ika Ferrer Gotić about his documentary, which, Wu stated, is supported by documents, investigative journalistic work, testimonies of the Jackson family and friends (which was purposely left out in Dan Reed's ‘Leaving Neverland’), witnesses in Jordan Chandler case and many more. Our team has invited Dan Reed to Ika Ferrer Gotić's show on any occasions, but this ‘Leaving Neverland’ film director has never responded to our invites.