Serbia's PM: RS is synonym for peace, stability and safety

Source: Srna

Ana Brnabic, Serbia's Prime Minister, joined several Belgrade officials who attended the Day of Republika Srpska (RS), Bosnia's Serb-majority region, the FoNet news agency reported on Thursday. The holiday is linked to the Orthodox St. Stefan day and declared unconstitutional by Bosnia's Constitutional Court as it favours only one ethnic group living there.

Brnabic said that “in the era of the instability we live in, what the events in Europe and the world show, Republika Srpska is a synonym of peace, stability and safety for you.” She added that Serbia had a duty to take care of the Serbs wherever they lived.


 Brnabic mentioned the unfortunate events in the region, especially in Montenegro following the new law on religious freedom and communities, which the Serbs saw as a discriminatory regulation for their Orthodox Church.

“Regardless of all challenges, Serbia and Serbs must continue their pro-active and wise policy on cooperation with all in the region in preserving the Serb identity. We must not fall for provocations,” she warned.

Brnabic added that as Serbia grew economically, it would allocate money for schools and health service in places where the Serbs lived.

“We'll share Serbia's economic growth with RS,” she said.