Kosovo Albanian woman detained for advocating revenge against US

NEWS 09.01.2020 18:48
Source: Shutterstock

Pristina’s Basic Court ordered 30-day detention for Igbala Berisha Huduti, a local woman who posted a call for punishing the US after its drone killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani who the West blamed for many terrorist attacks, the FoNet news agency reported on Thursday.

She is suspected of instigating terrorism after writing that “by killing the master of the family, you kill all family members; the revenge is obligatory, and it has no boundaries,” on her Facebook account.

The Court ordered detention suspecting she could flee Kosovo.

Berisha Huduti published several posts referring to Soleimani as “a great man.”    

She later deleted them, saying the media took them out of context.  

Kosovo’s authorities supported the US answer to the Iranian actions, Radio Free Europe (RFE) had reported.