Sarajevo Canton's Court finds two suspects in death of Dzenan Memic not guilty

NEWS 13.01.2020 14:51
Source: N1

In the second first-instance verdict, the Sarajevo Canton's Court ruled that Ljubi and Bekrija Seferovic are not guilty of the alleged traffic accident which allegedly killed Dzenan Memic in 2016, N1's Adisa Imamovic reported on Monday.

The Court acquitted Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic of all charges of causing a car accident which allegedly caused the death of Dzenan Memic. It also accepted the findings of forensic expert Vlado Markovic from north Bosnian city of Banja Luka who said the injuries on Memic's body could not have occurred through a car accident, but that they were made with a blunt object.

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This was the second time that the Court rejected the indictment against the suspects and the Cantonal Prosecution has already announced their appeal to the Supreme Court.

In the first first-instance Court ruling, the suspects were acquitted of all charged for the crime and the Supreme Court of the Federation entity abolished the verdict ordering a repeat trial.

Dzenan Memic died in 2016 when he was walking with his girlfriend Alisa Mutap down a famous promenade in the Sarajevo neighbourhood Ilidza. The young man died in the Sarajevo hospital, two days after sustaining injuries.

The Prosecution claims that Seferovics were allegedly responsible for his death, noting that they caused a traffic accident after which they fled the scene.