Serbia has five negotiating chapters ready to be opened, says minister

NEWS 21.01.2020 20:59
Source: ANADOLIJA/Dursun Aydemir

At the start of Croatia's presidency of the EU, Serbia has submitted to the European Commission one more negotiating position, on policy area No. 27 - Environment and Climate Change, Serbian European Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic said on Tuesday.

Joksimovic stressed that Belgrade now has five policy chapters ready to be opened.

Serbia is thus “showing seriousness, perseverance and consistency in the process of reforms and commitment to European integration,” the Serbian government said in a statement.

Joksimovic said Chapter No. 27 was a very demanding one and that work on it had taken almost three years, with the participation of 28 institutions.

The document includes a financial framework for activities Serbia should undertake in the coming period in order to meet EU standards in the field of environmental protection.

Joksimovic said the position was drafted “at the right moment”, as the European Green Deal is being formulated, accompanied by an investment plan, which European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented on January 14.