Pope names Tomo Vuksic as coadjutor bishop of Vrhbosna Archdiocese


Pope Francis named Bosnia's current military chaplain Tomo Cuksic as Bosnia Archdiocese' coadjutor bishop, said the Holy See's office on Wednesday, making this the most significant change in the hierarchy of the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church in the country, in the past two centuries.

His appointment comes after Bosnia Archbishop Vinko Puljic's announcement of retirement in 2021.

Assistant Bishop of Vrhbosna Pero Sudar was retired last year on his personal request, making Vuksic's appointment the most significant change in the hierarchy in Bosnia's archdiocese and the Catholic Church in Bosnia in the past two centuries.

Banja Luka Bishop Franju Komarica also announced his request for retirement and Mostar Bishop Ratko Peric has long reached conditions for retirement, but the Holy See has not named his hair.

The coadjutor function is to succeed the diocesan bishop upon his retirement, removal, or death.

Tomo Vuksic (66) was born in Studenci, in the Diocese of Mostar.

After attending the philosophical-theological studies in Sarajevo, he was ordained a priest of the Mostar-Duvno diocese in 1980.

He received his doctorate in Rome on “Relations between Catholics and Orthodox in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1878 to 1903.”