US ambassador calls on citizens to take pollution seriously (VIDEO)

NEWS 24.01.2020 13:52
Source: Screenshot

US Ambassador Eric Nelson has joined the 'Make your country even more beautiful' eco-campaign, urging Bosnian citizens to increase their awareness about their environment.

“As I travel around Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am always amazed by the incredible beauty of your country. You have some of the oldest forests and most beautiful rivers in all of Europe. But, too often the rivers are spoiled with plastic and waste, and the mountains are hidden behind the smog,” the ambassador said in a video message on occasion of the start of the campaign.

‘Make your country even more beautiful’ is a challenge initiated by the ‘Hands’ association in cooperation with the Embassy, with an aim to raise the awareness about the environment protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The association officially marked the start of the campaign on Friday and called schools, NGOs, businesses and individuals to join the challenge by either cleaning a public land, making improvements in energy use or increasing awareness of air quality.

“Your country's natural beauty may vanish if citizens, young and old, don't take care of it. Each of you can make a difference, taking action and increasing awareness to reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, and take air pollution and water pollution more seriously. Together, you can make an even bigger difference,” said the ambassador.