Police rescue lorry driver from driving into minefield near Teslic

NEWS 26.01.2020 11:22
Source: morgueFile

Police officers from the north-Bosnian town of Doboj rescued a lorry driver who almost ended up in a mind field near Teslic, some 20 kilometres south-west of Doboj, Police said on Sunday.

The driver followed the instructions from his GPS navigation which wrongly leg him to the mountain passes near Teslic.

The police said they received a call from the owner of a Sarajevo-based company on Thursday saying that their driver was lost in the Teslic municipality area, after following onboard GPS navigation. The company owner said they lost contact with the driver, most likely due to bad reception.

After a three-hour search, the police found the driver at around 9 pm on a forest near the “minefield” signs, showing him the right path back to Sarajevo.