Belgrade second, Sarajevo fourth most polluted capital, Sunday morning

NEWS 26.01.2020 13:05
Source: Tanjug/ Jaroslav Pap

According to Airvisual portal, Belgrade was the second most polluted capital on Sunday morning, right after Beijing, with a pollution index reaching 198 for Belgrade and 236 for the Chinese capital.

The third place was occupied by Shanghai with a pollution index 1t 195, while Sarajevo was fourth with the index reaching 189. Macedonian capital Skopje was eighth with the pollution index at 173.
According to the Air Quality Index, good values are those from 0 to 50, moderately good from 51 to 100 (longer stay in the open is not recommended for children, elderly and chronic patients). Index values between 101 to 150 is considered unhealthy for sensitive population (children, elderly, chronic patients).

AQI index from 151 to 200 is considered unhealthy. People with cardiac and pulmonary diseases, the elderly and children should avoid outdoor exercise and prolonged physical activity. Air with an index of 201 to 300 is rated as very unhealthy.