Epidemiologist to see Wuhan tourists coming to south-Bosnian town of Neum

NEWS 26.01.2020 16:56
Source: Lehtikuva/Tarmo Lehtosalo via REUTERS

Epidemiologist from Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity will see all the Chinese tourists from the city of Wuhan, who are travelling from Croatia to the south-Bosnian town of Neum, FBiH Deputy Health Minister Goran Cerkez told N1, adding that there is no reason to panic as these tourists stayed in several EU countries before heading to Bosnia.

“We have no information that the bus with Wuhan tourists arrived in Neum. We took all the measures and we're in contact with the Croatian health Ministry. They gave us adequate information on the tourists’ movement and I'd like to add that these tourists stayed in several EU countries before coming to this region,” Cerkez said. “Their arrival in Bosnia is expected today, and in that regard, we took all the measures necessary. An FBiH Public Health Institute will see them and check their health at the Neum border crossing. We are fully in compliance with the WHO recommendations.”

Croatian news portal Index.hr wrote on Sunday that a group of tourists will visit Bosnia, Neum, after staying in Croatia. This information caused increased public interest in both countries since the coronavirus was first recorded in the Chinese town of Wuhan, which is said to be its epicentre.

Cerkez said that the Chinese nationals will spend the night in Neum and then head to see the rest of the country.

“I want to say that there is no room for great concern because the Coordinating Body is activated and we are monitoring the situation. Our epidemiologist has visited both border crossings, Klek and Doljani, where he is currently located. We have also provided protective masks and measures to our border guards. The epidemiologist will make assessments and if anyone shows any symptoms they will be treated in accordance with all the recommendations. We mustn't forget that Chinese nationals left Wuhan province before it was closed and before the virus broke out,” Goran Cerkez noted at the end of his statement for N1.