All the affairs N1 Belgrade uncovered in the past five years in Serbia

NEWS 31.01.2020 13:01
Source: N1

N1 Belgrade reminds the audience of significant events filmed by our cameras in the past five years. How else would you know about the arson attack on the home of journalist Milan Jovanovic

 N1 Belgrade reported on the Krusik affair which involved a whistleblower and the father of a cabinet minister…

 They reported on the Jovanjica farm where police found a marijuana plantation.

 When #1 of 5 million protesters stormed the state RTS headquarters, N1 in Belgrade were there.

Since the beginning, N1 Belgrade covered the affair regarding the Serbian Finance Minister’ doctorate, which the Belgrade University annulled for being plagiarism.

  N1 Belgradereported on the fall of a helicopter that killed seven people. 

Five years ago, the Belgrade based N1 was the only crew that filmed this event during Belgarde Pride.    

 You could see and hear what happened during the night destruction of a Belgrade old quarter on N1.

N1 Belgrade also covered and reported on the #1 of 5 million protests from their beginning.