Anti-Semitic graffiti in Serbia's Novi Sad

NEWS 04.02.2020 14:26

Anti-Semitic and Nazi graffiti appeared in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad, the local 021 portal reported on Tuesday.

The black spray graffiti included a star of David which was crossed out, and the words Juden Frei a term used by the Nazis to denote areas cleansed of Jews during World War 2.  

Other graffiti in the same neighborhood of the multi-ethnic city included the world Death to Communism, the SS insignia and the numbers 88 which neo-Nazis use instead of the words Heil Hitler. The portal said that a large number of anti-fascist graffiti were crossed out.  

Similar graffiti appeared a few months ago in the same are of the city and were painted over by the so-called Anti-Graffiti Unit in the city communal services company.  

The 021 portal said that neo-Nazi messages have appeared over the past few weeks on the city university campus and on the Danube quay which was the site of the so-called Novi Sad raid in WW 2 when Hungarian fascists and Nazi killed several hundred people by shooting them and throwing them into the frozen river.