Journalist fears Montenegro going through Sarajevo's 1992 scenario

NEWS 05.02.2020 21:44
Source: N1

Current developments in Montenegro are “a play-off” of the Greater Serbian aspirations to redraw the territories of ex-Yugoslavia, attorney and journalist Senad Pecanin said in N1’s current affairs show Pressing, stressing that final goal is overthrowing the country's President Milo Djukanovic.

“I believe that Montenegro is now in March 1992, looking from Sarajevo’s point of view. Our experience tells us that what came first was media preparation, then the Church, then protests. I’m afraid this would be the scenario that we had experienced,” he said commenting on the situation in Montenegro, which is facing tensions over the recently adopted Law on Religious Freedoms which the Serbian Orthodox Church opposes.

Asked what is actually going on in Montenegro, he said it was “a complete undermining of Montenegro’s sovereignty” and the final goal is its federalisation, modelled after Bosnia and Herzegovina, “which is practically impossible to carry through without raising tensions in national relations in Montenegro.”

According to him, NATO is at this moment occupied with much deeper problems than those in Montenegro – one of its member states.

Source : N1

“The intensity of the campaign against Montenegro exceeds the hysteria of the period ahead of the war in Croatia and aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he told host and editor, Amir Zukic.

The final goal is to overthrow Milo Djukanovic, current President, stressed Pecanin.

“Montenegro has achieved a fascinating success. Minorities in Montenegro were never in a better place. The country has no problem with neighbours, except Serbia,” he said.

According to him, Russia supports Belgrade because it favours instability in the region.

But, he concluded:

“Without the active engagement of America, no strategic issue can be solved. That’s detrimental for the European Union.”