Exhibition dedicated to children victims of war rape opened in Tuzla

NEWS 11.02.2020 12:52
Source: Fena

The exhibition title 'I exist' dedicated to the children victims of war rape opened on Monday evening in the central-Bosnian city Tuzla and on that occasion, the author Ramo Tucic said the exhibition is dedicated to all the children in the country, regardless of their nationality.

“This exhibition gathers all the children, regardless of their nationality. No one was left out. They exist, they live among us and they are the ones spreading peace among our countries, and we need to live in that peace and coexistence,” Tucic said in his opening speech.

His exhibition, he said, sends a message of empathy.

Source : Fena

 Ramo Tucic was born in Zvornik, central Bosnia, at the beginning of the bloody war in Bosnia, which lasted from 1992 to 1995. He spent his childhood in Germany, growing up without a father. After returning to Zvornik, Tucic realised he should dedicate his work and activism to the children of war. His entire artistic work is the result of his dedication to these children.
The exhibition will be presented in other cities across Bosnia, and Tucic said he is currently working on a project which will be exhibited in many European cities as well.

Source : Fena

His goal is for as many people to see his work and experience what he went through.