Women of Srebrenica march again in memory of genocide victims

Source: Fena

The ‘Women of Srebrenica’ association marched in the northwestern town of Tuzla on Tuesday in memory of the July 11, 1995, Srebrenica Genocide, demanding again that all those who are responsible for it must be brought to justice.

The women, mostly relatives of the thousands of Bosniak men and boys massacred in the eastern town, commented on a recent incident in a Srebrenica school.


A photo of a group of students with ‘Brothers Chetniks’ written above it, taken during the school’s celebration of an Orthodox Christian holiday, emerged on social media in January, causing outrage and concern among the Bosniaks living there.

The Chetnik Detachments of the Yugoslav Army was a WWII Serb nationalist movement. During the 1992-95 Bosnian war, Serb nationalists wearing Chetnik insignia committed numerous crimes against humanity against the non-Serb population in the Bosnia – including the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

“This makes no sense. People need to come to their senses, to be aware that our children have to live together. We want truth and justice, we never want what happened in Srebrenica to happen to anybody again. We do not want any revenge. We are looking for our brothers, our husbands and our children whom we have never found,” said one of the participants of the march, Nura Begovic.

Hajra Catic, the mother of journalist Nino Catic, who was killed in Srebrenica, also commented on the incident.

“We see how they poisoned our children, it is sad, truly sad. In that school, 75 percent of students are Bosniaks, so those children were minorities, but look at what they did,” she said, arguing that authorities in that part of the country are doing everything they can “to chase away the people so they don’t live there.”

The women said they will continue marching to remind the world of the Srebrenica Genocide until all the victims are found and identified and until all perpetrators are punished.

So far, the remains of 6,661 victims of the Srebrenica genocide were laid to rest at the Potocari Memorial Centre.

Many families are still looking for their loved ones, whose remains turn up from time to time in newly discovered mass graves.