Bosnian Croat leader holds lecture at Moscow MGIMO University on EU integrations

NEWS 12.02.2020 12:34
Source: Parlament BiH

The leader of Bosnian Croats and Speaker of the House of Peoples Dragan Covic held a lecture on security challenges in the Western Balkans, at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), within his official visit to the Russian Federation, on Wednesday.

In a lecture on the topic of “Security Challenges in the Western Balkans in the context of its European perspective,” Covic familiarised the Moscow students with the Euro integration process in Bosnia and the neighbouring countries.

He emphasised the need for Bosnia to get the candidate status as soon as possible and the importance of rule of law reforms, including the Election Law reform in line with Constitutional Court verdicts, while respecting the European Court for Human Rights’ decision and the need for a compromise between individual and collective rights, Covic's office said.

Source : Parlament BiH

The Bosnian Croat leader also spoke of the country's foreign policy and the aspect of building friendly, neighbourly relations with the surrounding countries which is one of the preconditions for regional peace.

After the lecture, Covic talked with the students who showed interest in a better understanding of the socio-political relations in the country.

Before the lecture, Covic met with the University management who expressed readiness to establish cooperation with Bosnian universities.