Chief Prosecutor: Bosnia has the highest number of solved war crimes cases

Source: N1

Bosnia has the highest number of solved war crimes cases in the region, but there is still a large number of unresolved cases, Bosnia's Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic said Monday, opening a two-day prosecutorial college in southern city of Mostar, adding that the Court sentenced over 800 indictees to more than 3,700 years of imprisonment.

β€œIt's not a small number, and Bosnia's Prosecution invested a great effort into this. Despite this, there is much work ahead. We have some 449 cases with known perpetrators, and over 4,000 persons who are yet to be processed, as well as exhumation cases and cases with unknown perpetrators,” Tadic noted.

She added that the Prosecution is investing maximum effort to gain the people's trust in their work.

French Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guillaume Rousson who was also present at the opening of the college, pointed out that Bosnia's rule of law and EU accession process are of great importance for his country.

β€œI am certain that this college for the more experienced prosecutors to help the Prosecution solve many unresolved issues and to improve the fight against crime,” Ambassador Rousson said.

The prosecutorial college gathered some 138 participants of which 118 are employed in the state Prosecution. Its work will be organised in two panels which will deal with all the topics the Prosecution deals with, such as organised crime, financial crime, corruption, terrorism and human trafficking.