Minister: Migrant crisis is not a humanitarian but the issue of security

NEWS 17.02.2020 15:36
Source: N1

The Ministry of Security made a significant result by making everyone realise that the migrant crisis the country struggles with is not a humanitarian but the issue of security, said Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic, warning that nearly 100,000 migrants are waiting in Greece to continue their journey to the European Union – via Bosnia.

“We, as a society, must be aware that this is a huge challenge and I warned all our European friends that they have to help Bosnia and Herzegovina, because we lack border police officers, material-technical tools, drones, thermal cameras,” stressed the minister.

“Our border is very attentive and I expect that after three-year long sleep we will understand as a society that this is not a process such as the natural disaster that lasts for a few months but a process that is likely to last several decades. In that sense, Bosnia and Herzegovina must utilise all capacities – from the local to the state level, use the international assistance and face that crisis,” said Radoncic.

Bosnia's Border Police chief, Zoran Galic, recently said the agency was facing a serious lack of staff and equipment to cover the border and protect it from illegal migrations.

He also warned the country could face another wave of migrants this spring.