A Bosnian leaves the country to become renowned car designer

NEWS 18.02.2020 12:19
Source: Reuters

Omer Halilhodzic is Bosnia-born car designer, whose work has been recognised as one of the most distinctive in world's automotive industry. The opportunity to work on the design of Skoda's first electric car is the latest on the list of Halilhodzic's career achievements.

“I just do my job. Car design is something that goes through competition, there are competitions all the time and among many proposals, only one wins. This time it was mine, and it was normal to me. Nobody chooses the car because I made ti but because of its design,” said Halilhodzic, a freelance designer who worked throughout his career with big brands including Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

Source : N1

Skoda is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, he stressed, adding that the Czech company is marking the 125th years of work this year.

Halilhodzic liked the idea of being hired by this manufacturer.

“Skoda is a world-class company, their sale and quality speak about that. That's the fact we all see,” he added.

Speaking of the early stage of his career, the Mostarian recalled that he had started his studies in the home-town but soon afterwards he moved to the capital. After graduation, he got a scholarship from New York as a perspective young designer.

“I was recommended to go abroad. TAS (a local car manufacturer) offered me a job, to develop a new Caddy but I was not interested at that time. I wanted to go abroad. I went to Wolfsburg, the seat of Volkswagen, and stayed there for four years – that was my first professional experience. It was difficult in the beginning but as far as the job is concerned you have to prove to be good,” Halilhodzic told N1.

“When you're abroad, it all depends on you and your work. They have a developed evaluation and rewarding system. The companies set their own tariffs, so you know where are beginners, and where you go when you are promoted. You get a chance to make a nice living,” he added.

Halilhodzic also had a message for the youth in Bosnia:

“Don't wait for someone else to build your future but take the matters in your own hands. That's why I left.”