Tito’s granddaughter: He raised a state from the ashes, then bandits killed it

NEWS 25.02.2020 11:50
Source: N1

Former Yugoslavia was a progressive country which Josip Broz Tito raised from ashes and it is "devastating" to see how "a handful of bandits" managed to kill it, Svetlana Broz, the granddaughter of the late Yugoslav leader, told N1.

Broz said that during the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Tito was one of the ‘illegals’ – a group of communist agitators who would later, during WWII, become the underground resistance to Nazi occupation.


“He spent eight years in prison because of his political ideas. Today we have politicians who are mainly jailed for their criminal activities, while he was incarcerated because of a political idea,” Broz said, calling her grandfather “one of the greatest commanders during WWII.”

Tito had found his place “in the world history of politics and warfare” and the Battle of Neretva – several battles between the Partisans and the Axis in 1943 – is “being studied at the world’s top military academies,” she said.

“This was a man who led a state which he raised from the ashes together with his comrades and that must be respected. He led the country on the path of progress, Yugoslavia was a progressive country,” she said.

“That a handful of bandits managed to kill that country is a devastating fact for all of us who respected that state,” she said.